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A Day In The Life

Lara's body ached as she woke among the hay and cooing hens. She was in the habit of waking just a little before sunrise before the roosters screamed her into consciousness. It was getting cold out, and she was getting older, which made her unfortunate residence the likely cause of her discomfort this morning. She scooted her way to the low door of the raised straw and wood coop, and slid down the small ramp to the dew-wet ground. The small fence around the structure passed her daily morning inspection to make sure neither wolf nor goblin had made it's way in during the night. That was the last thing she needed- she couldn't risk any mistakes any more.  The sun painted its own introduction to the horizon just before it rose into view, alerting her two boys into their morning song. She lifted the safety hatch on the front of the coop and let her 17 chickens and 2 roosters spread out for their breakfast hunt. Lara watched with quiet compassion as her flightless flock fluttere

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